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How Erchonia® Low Level Laser Therapy Works.


The Newest Addition to Erchonia's

Hand-held Series is Here!

The First & ONLY FDA Cleared

Green & Violet Laser in the World


We are proud and excited to bring you the latest advancement in laser technology through rigorous clinical research and engineering. The green & violet combo has profoundly impacted the potential of laser therapy, and we can't wait to hear how this laser changes your practice and your patient's lives! 

The green & violet combo targets the mitochondria electron transport chain complexes 1, 2 & 3.

GVL_OEM_Cradle v1.png
XLR8_OEM_Cradle XLR8.png

XLR8 - Entry Level

The XLR8 laser is the ideal choice for chiropractors, doctors, physical therapists and other professionals who are looking to add laser therapy into their practice. The XLR8 has dual red lasers and has been proven through double-blind, multi-site, placebo-controlled clinical trials. It has been the work horse for medical professionals for 20+ years! With 22 total FDA clearances, no laser manufacturer is more trusted than Erchonia®.

The dual red combo targets the mitochondria

electron transport chain complex 4.

EVRL - Most Popular

Erchonia’s red & violet handheld laser, the EVRL. Since its release has become our most popular handheld device by offering the versatility of a red and violet wavelength taking outcomes to a whole new level. By combining these two specific wavelengths into one treatment modality, patients received better results during clinical studies then the dual red and opened up a new range of treatment conditions stimulating complexes 1, 2 & 4! The violet is also shown to be effective with its anti-bacterial & anti-microbial properties.

The exceptional versatility of this violet and red laser pain treatment allows doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists and other medical professionals to target a broader range of conditions with a single, easy-to-use device. With exceptional clinical research and FDA market clearance in treating chronic conditions.

The red & violet targets the mitochondria electron transport chain complexes 1, 2 & 4.

EVRL_OEM_Cradle v1.png

Base Station - Deluxe

The Base Station is a desk top unit with three (3) independent handheld laser devices including any combination of our 3 handhelds. The default option would be (1) EVRL, (1) XLR8 laser & (1) GVL laser. This also includes a wireless charging station and the ability to program all of the lasers individually. Physicians are able to use innovative laser therapy in 3 locations at once with this platform whether that be in separate offices or to rent out to patients. Fully impact the ETC with red, green & violet. 

Stimulates ALL complexes!

Comparison Charts


Erchonia uses LEDs as the placebo treatment for our clinical research.

5 Double Blind Studies (419 Subjects)

Study VS LEDs 2.png

Reduction in Pain
Laser Group: 45.5% | LED Group: 15%

Study VS LEDs 3.png

Reduction in Pain
Laser Group: 62% | LED Group: 14%

What Erchonia Laser is Right For Me?

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